Season Premiere at the Graduate Oxford!

Join us with the Thacker Big Band at the Graduate Oxford, kicking off a new season!

Graduate Hotel Oxford September 7, 2023 at 6:00 pm

Thursday, Sept. 7 at 6 pm – The Thacker Mountain Radio Hour kicks off its Fall 2023 season with a live show at the Graduate Oxford Hotel located at 400 N Lamar Blvd.

FREE ADMISSION. Come early and bring a pal!

Doors: 5:30 pm  (Bar service available).

Show: 6 pm

Author: Irina ZhorovLost Believers – A rich, immersive debut novel, inspired by true events, about a meeting between two women in 1970s Soviet Russia—a deeply religious homesteader, living off the grid, and an ambitious scientist.  –“Zhorov’s voice is fresh and appealing.”—Joy Williams 

Music: Alt-rockers Bark and country noir songwriter, The Great Dying!

Hosts: Jim Dees and the Yalobushwhacker Big Band with the Thacker Horns and guest vocalist, Mary Frances Massey!

Air times:

Thursday, Sept. 7 – 6 pm (CT) WUMS – University of Mississippi

Friday, Sept. 15 – 6 am (CT) WYXR 91.7 FM Memphis, TN

Saturday, Sept. 16 – 3 pm (ET) WUTC 88.1 FM Chattanooga, TN

7pm (CT) Mississippi Public Broadcasting

9pm (CT) Alabama Public Radio

Sunday, Sept. 17 –

3 pm (ET) WUOT | 91.9 FM, Knoxville

2 pm (MT) KNCE 93.5 | Taos, New Mexico



Irina Zhorov

Irina Zhorov is the author of Lost Believers (Scribners) a rich, immersive debut novel, inspired by true events, about a meeting between two women in 1970s Soviet Russia—a deeply religious homesteader living in isolation with her family on the Siberian taiga and an ambitious scientist.

Galina, a promising young geologist from Moscow, is falling in love with her pilot, Snow Crane, on a trip exploring for minerals in Siberia. As their helicopter hovers over what should be a stretch of uninhabited forest, they see a small hut and a garden—and, the following day, when they hike from their field camp to the hut, they find a family.

Agafia was born in Siberia into a family of Old Believers, a small sect of Christians who rejected the reforms that shaped the modern Russian Orthodox church. Her parents fled religious persecution four decades earlier.

Galina can’t shake the confines of her Soviet upbringing, and Agafia’s focus drifts from her faith to the beauty of the relentlessly harsh taiga.

Even worse, Galina begins to see her work opening mines as a threat to Agafia and her home, mirroring the exploitation of the natural world happening all across the Soviet Union.

Irina Zhorov was born in Uzbekistan, in the Soviet Union, and moved to Philadelphia on the eve of its dissolution.

After failing to make use of a geology degree she received an MFA from the University of Wyoming. She’s worked as a journalist for more than a decade, reporting primarily on environmental issues.



Bark is the alt-rock duo of husband/wife Tim Lee (bass VI, vocals) and Susan Bauer Lee (drums, vocals), both formerly of the TimLee3.

The duo is celebrating a brand-new album, Loud, released Sept. 5.

Their previous releases include a self-titled EP released in 2015; a full-length LP, Year of the Dog (2017); a 45 rpm a single BARK (2018); Terminal Everything (2019); and Loud (2023).

Terminal Everything won the 2020 Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters’ Award for Contemporary Music Composition.

“… a lo-fi post-punk garage-rock combo inspired by American blues and roots revisionists like the Cramps, the Gun Club, and R.L. Burnside ….” — Knoxville Mercury

The Great Dying

Will Griffith, known musically as The Great Dying, is a Mississippi Delta born, country singer-songwriter residing in Oxford, MS. Although Will doesn’t see his dark country musings as directly blues influenced, he notes, “I want people to celebrate sad music because of its beauty. Sad songs help you laugh at your own sadness. They are meant to help you keep going.”

The Great Dying dropped a new single and video on August 2, “Truck Stop.” His previous release is the album, Bloody Noses & Roses (Dial Back Sound).